Small Group Training at Anatomic Fitness

Have fun, get results, and get back to your day!

3 people doing sit ups with medicine ballsSmall group training gives you the personal attention of a trainer at a fraction of the cost – plus you have fun with friends!

We focus on EPOC: Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. That means you increase your basal metabolism and body fat utilization during and after the workout.

Kinesis: The amazing Kinesis system trains cardio, resistance,and core stabilization with total body movement! This half hour small group class will help you increase your flexibility, raise your metabolism and gain muscle endurance, all while working out with total freedom of natural movement. Have you ever tried Kinesis? Think about standing Pilates + Yoga + strength training, tailored to your fitness goals. This class is fun! Learn more about Kinesis

Gravity!: This fun half hour class is a different kind of cardio workout. Our equipment trains you in 3 planes of motion–frontal, sagittal and traverse exercises progressively condition and strengthen your body, while upper and lower body aerobics burn calories and increase your energy! This class also utilizes a smooth glide board to reduce the compressive forces on the spine, while challenging your core with dynamic instability.  Learn more about Gravity.

Fusion Circuits: Group workouts using the Anatomic Fitness fusion system. This fun class integrates strength, balance, cardio, boxing, kickboxing and core and agility work for a tough, yet time effective workout.

Athletic Core: Strengthen your core with this challenging class. Having your abs, pelvis, hips and lower back strong and working together is essential to many physical activities. Are you a runner? Here’s what RunnersWorld says about core training: “…. scientists and coaches now know that you can’t run your best without a strong core, the muscles in your abdominals, lower back, and glutes. They provide the stability, power, and endurance that runners need for powering up hills, sprinting to the finish, and maintaining efficient form mile after mile.” Whether you’re a trained athlete or are just focused on staying active and healthy, core strength is essential for functional fitness, balance and coordination.

Extreme Event Training:This challenging hour class delivers effective, scientific training to help you train like a pro for your extreme sports event! It’s also great cross-training for other sports like running, cycling, or lifting. Let Anatomic Fitness train you to power through your day of glory!

Kettlebell Blast: When used properly, Kettlebells can help you get a full body, fat blasting workout. This class will help you improve your cardio and help you get seriously toned. You’ll work every muscle.

Tabata Fitness Kickboxing: Tabata Fitness Kickboxing is a type of high intensity interval training. Tabata training is the most intense (and effective!) type of interval training. Surprisingly, it’s also the shortest in duration! We’ll teach you fitness kickboxing in the framework of tabatas. You’ll learn proper form and get all the benefits of an intense workout in a short half hour! We have bag gloves and hand wraps available for use, or you can bring your own.

TRX: TRX Suspension Training is designed by a Navy Seal, to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This total body fitness program works by using your own body weight against gravity.

Zumba: Have you heard of Zumba? Zumba has taken the fitness world by fire, combining easy to follow dance moves and catchy music. Fast and slow rhythms will tone and sculpt your body to perfection. Join the millions of people that have decided that having fun and working out are not mutually exclusive.

Types of Training:

My gym memberships span over three decades however it wasn’t until I joined AnatomicFitness a year and a half ago that I could say that I truly belonged to one.  The small group specialized training that is offered throughout the day affords me the flexibility to work out on my schedule yet always having someone there to provide me tips on form, diet and conditioning.  I am in better shape today than I’ve been in my entire life  and it is primarily due to the staff always guiding me to my personal limits.  For the first time in my life I can honestly say that my day is not complete without a daily visit to my gym. G.T.